Who we are

Desktop Enterprises are a Bristol based custom software development house. We’ve been providing custom software for businesses since 2005, we love doing it, and the good news is that our clients do too. We also understand business and business processes and have enough experience to know what and how we can use software effectively to make a significant difference to the way your business organises itself. In addition to our usual wide range of bespoke databases & tailor made software solutions to aid process automation we’re also finding ourselves increasingly being asked to create apps for clients.

They want to be able to offer their customers, pupils, staff, admirers or suppliers an easy way to access important information in a format that adds value; potentially as much a marketing tool as a point of reference. If you are looking for mobile app development, you have come to the right place

Why work with Desktop Enterprises

Easy to work with developers, Desktop Enterpriese

Easy to work with

Our clients say that they enjoy working with us because we speak plain English, we’re no nonsense, no false mystique, smoke and mirrors or any of the other ruses some software development companies use to bamboozle their clients.

Desktop Enterprises

Taking the time

We look at your current processes, procedures and business rules and how they are implemented and enforced. Then we look at ways that technology and software can be tailored to supplement those processes and make them more efficient.

Desktop Enterprises

Unique solutions

Every problem has its own unique solution
hence the need for a tailor made service, but we often find that we have addressed a similar problem in the past, which allows us to borrow from existing code bases, minimising the time and cost to get your project up and running.

Tailor made software development

Why choose us?

Not just how we will strive to deliver you the very best system possible? a decent company to work with?

We provide professional record storage and maintenance solutions through our custom databases and software tools. Our team of highly skilled software engineers is waiting to develop your solution.

Most of our business comes from recommendations and referrals and 90% of our new clients continue to use us on an on-going basis.

Let us find the solution for you!

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