the client

Postawest a bill-posting company, based in the South West that has been servicing billboards since 1983.

the problem

Having created a shiny, new custom database for Postawest (link to operational db), we needed to get data to and from their branches. They were doing all admin tasks at HQ and sending out a copy of the database to each branch every evening with all changes in.

A significant step forward from the bad old days of spreadsheet juggling, but nonetheless, considerably more efficiency could be brought to this area of the business.
"as we moved forward, we wanted to automate this part of the business..."

the solution

Desktop Enterprises created a bespoke data transfer mechanism to synchronize data between the branches and HQ. The lines were fairly clear:

HQ put all orders on the system and sent to the branches
Branches fulfilled orders and reported on their status
HQ deal with all post fulfillment tasks

A branch would initiate a transfer, requesting all new orders from HQ. Once all orders were downloaded, the branch sent information back to HQ regarding order fulfillment or reasons for non completion.

All this happened quietly, behind the scenes with one click of the SYNC button.

"we were able to cutdown on a significant amount of duplicate entry and streamline some messy processes..."


no more duplicate data entry

quiet sync running behind the scenes

branch and HQ always have accurate picture of data

time saving

more efficient process

better information