the client

Tread Reform is a family run, Bristol based company, in the business of tyre recycling.

the problem

Tyres are taken in from around the region and sent off for recycling. The burden being put on Tread Reform to create reports for the Environmental Agency and other bodies, as to the source and condition of tyres sent for recycling was becoming overwhelming. They looked at various off the shelf solutions, whilst most of the offerings would adequately run the day to day business operations, none offered the required reporting flexibility.
"Our compliance reporting obligations were growing ever more arduous and taking up more and more man hours, we desperately needed an alternative...."

the solution

A custom built database solution built tailored specifically to the needs of Tread Reform's business.

All information was entered on the database. This allowed for a collaborative environment that anyone could work on at any time.

Collection worksheets were created for drivers to go and pickup the used tyres and marked off as they returned to the depot.

Once the information was in the database, creating reports from it was a fairly simple matter. The raw data was all in there, it was just a matter of teasing it out and putting it into the required format.

"The amount of time saved by having these reports at the click of a button is huge. As well as overcoming the reporting challenge, which was our primary goal. The database made our general operations run more smoothly..."


collaborative environment
easy to use
customer reports generated at the click of a button
massive time savings
productivity reports