the client

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the problem

A brilliant mathematician had an idea for a recruiting tool. The proposition was simple: Why not recruit people based on their competencies, rather than how they come across at interview? Or, better yet, why not assess all applicants and only interview those who displayed the correct competencies. It could save significant backtracking later. Similarly, if a large company was forced to make redundancies, why not do it blindly and objectively, based on candidates' competencies?

A system was required to assess candidates and their competencies. When a job was posted, candidates could signup and take a test. The system would analyse their results and give each candidate a ranking. This ranking would allow the system to create a shortlist of potential candidates.

Recruiters needed to be able to indicate which competencies they are most interested in. They also needed the ability to see the results in a simple graphical view.
"without this piece of software, there would be no business..."

the solution

Desktop Enterprises created a custom database application to cover these requirements. In the front end, candidates can register interest in a job, and take the test and have their answers assessed and ranked among all the other candidates.

Recruiters can create jobs and indicate the competencies they most require. Links to the job can then be submitted to various social media platforms. As candidates take the test, recruiters can see the results and a live view of the ranked leaderboard. A simple graphical representation of a candidate's competencies gives recruiters an immediate view of how a candidate performed.

"now we have a business..."


a better recruitment process was created to assess candidates on competency to do the job

saves on recruitment costs and screening time