the client

Arthur David - Food with Service

manufacturers, sells and delivers multi-temperature catering products to chefs and caterers across the UK.

the problem

Busy call centre had an issue with their voicemail. Orders came through to one mailbox, causing a backlog of work as only one person could deal with the messages at any one time. This bottleneck was causing a lot of frustrations, especially as the day drew close to cut off times for the ordering of frozen or prepared goods.

Arthur David wanted to have multiple people listening to voicemails and processing new orders at the same time. The system needed an obvious flag for when a call had been listened to. They also wanted statistics on how many calls were answered each day, when their busy periods were and how productive was each member of staff.
"having only one person on voicemail was a severe bottleneck..."

the solution

Desktop Enterprises created a custom solution to collect all voicemails and store in a database.
A front end was developed to give a visual identity to the voicemail. Users log in and listen to calls through the front end. Once a call has been listened to, it is removed from the active call's list. Multiple users can listen to different messages at the same time. It is possible to go back to any call from a previous day and listen to it again.

The system talks to the company's operational database and get can get customer information from the caller id.

A dashboard was created to give a visual representation of:
user productivity - who answers the most calls
calls per hour, highlighting busy and slack periods
geographic location of calls and how that overlays with Arthur David's target areas

"the operation is significantly smoother..."


multiple users can listen to messages at the same time. No longer a bottleneck of just one user able to take voicemail.

customer information stored with call data, allowing users to bring up the correct account details

cut off times were no longer a problem, and new orders were not being keyed after deadlines had expired

reviewable and quantifiable results from the management information dashboard